Swit Lu-C

Swit Lu-C (pronounce Swit Lucy) is an ebullient artist: a precocious globetrotter with a radiant personality, he’s got that thing that makes your day that much brighter. He carries you away from afro-beat to urban pop with just a few tracks, using his high timbre of voice and his sense of pulse. Fluttering melodies and devilish rhythms are to be expected in the dancing world he casually establishes.

Swit Lu-C writes and sings in English, one of his first languages. A native of Haiti, he arrived in France in 2013 and graduated from high school before pursuing film studies in Lyon, at the CinéFabrique. Once there, he passed the very selective entrance exam of this prestigious school and started the course which should have led him straight towards a career in audiovisual media.

However, the call of music was too strong and, alongside his studies, he kept looking for tracks leading back towards music: he wrote, sang and tried his hand at composing. As is often the case, a determining encounter changed everything: he met a producer/composer from Lyon with whom he spent a year polishing his universe and creating his first tracks. Summer 2018: his project was born.

At only 21, he is autonomous, independent and a go-getter. Swit Lu-C knows what he wants and neither hard work or challenges scare him: he is living life to the fullest. Bumping into him is an inescapable sound experience: happiness, energy and sensuality. Thrills are guaranteed!